Fly Fishing Classes and Clinics

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Technical Nymphing Clinic

Putah Creek

Class Price: $75 per angler, class is limited to 10 guests

We are offering a technical nymphing class to help get you dialed into getting everything right for those picky fish. We will spend about two hours in the classroom going over rigging, casting, mending, reading water, dead drifting, hook sets, and fighting the fish. The next two hours will be spent on the water getting you in tune to technical fishing. Read more

Fly Fishing the Yuba River

Lower Yuba River

Class Price: $90 per angler, class is limited to 6 guests

This clinic is offered year around and the techniques discussed will work for both trout and steelhead alike. Basic fundamentals will be covered including fishing with an indicator, dry flies, soft-hackle presentations, proper mending, and even tuning up your cast if needed. The first three hours will be instruction/discussion followed by two hours of fishing on your own in private waters. Read more

Introduction To Fly Fishing

Class Price: $50

Thinking about getting into fly fishing? Learn about the places people go to fly fish, what species are out there to fish for, how much or how little it costs to get started, the right equipment to use, the required knots you should know. You will get to see a great basic trout fly selection, common fly fishing techniques, the mechanics of casting a fly rod, basic entemology on aquatic insects, stream etiquette and more. This “in-store” class answers all the questions that you may have as a beginner. There is also a casting session with some very basic instruction on making a straight line cast. The Intro To Fly Fishing Class is a great way get into the sport of fly fishing without feeling overwhelmed.

The Intro classes are held at the shop on the 2nd Saturday of every month and are limited to 10 participants. If you are interested in attending one of the Intro Fly Fishing classes, please call the shop during business hours and we will check availability and reserve your spot.

∗Required Items: Knot tying tool and line nippers. Rod/reel are provided for the casting portion of the class.

Beginning Fly Tying

Class Prices: $25, Free with the purchase of a tying vise and required tying tools.

There's nothing more gratifying as a fly fishing angler than catching a fish on something you created. And it's not as hard as you may think. Fly Fishing Specialties offers a series of fly tying classes, from beginning to advanced, with each class session building on the previous.

Our Beginning Fly Tying classes are held at the shop on the 3rd Saturday of every month and are limited to 8 participants. Our instructors are all experienced tyers. Most are shop staff and contract fly tyers for Umpqua, Solitude, and Pacific Fly Group. The selected flies to be tied are typically matched with the season and current fishing opportunities. Required material lists are emailed to each participant prior to the scheduled event. If you would like to attend, please call the shop prior to the 3rd Saturday of the desired month so we can check availablity and reserve your spot. We also have free, monthly Tyin 'N' Lyin session after the shop closes and everyone is always invited. Bring some materials and jump in.

Required Items: Fly tying vise, thread bobbin, scissors, fly tying materials.

On-Stream Fly Fishing Clinics

Clinic Prices: Call for details and availability.

New to the sport? Maybe you've been at it a while and it's time to take your skills to the next level. With all the different types of techniques, tactics and new fishing styles today, there are endless ways to catch fish on fly gear. If you are a beginner or a seasoned fisherman, a day on the water with a guide will help make you a better fly angler. Our on-stream fishing clinics are designed to be fun and informative. So, whether you need help with nymphing for trout, spey casting for steelhead, or casting in the wind before heading off to Christmas Island, tips from a pro will definitely get you back in the game.