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Putah Creek

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Let’s face it, California is a nymphing state when it comes to trout fishing. While we all prefer those great days of dry fly fishing when it comes to fishing day in and day out we need to get those flies down to the bottom of the river. With the drought like conditions we are facing we can only predict that fishing this year is going to be challenging. The water is going to be low and clear giving those fish a very long look at your fly. Everything is going to have to be just right to get those fish to eat.

Putah Creek Rainbow Trout

We are offering a technical nymphing class to help get you dialed into getting everything right for those picky fish. We will spend about two hours in the classroom going over rigging, casting, mending, reading water, dead drifting, hook sets, and fighting the fish. The next two hours will be spent on the water getting you in tune to technical fishing. This class will be held on Putah Creek, one of the most technical rivers in the state. You will come away with the confidence that you are presenting your flies to the fish the way they want it. The knowledge you will gain in this class will take you to the next step in your fishing career. Watch your success rate increase with all the tips you get from the class, you will be out fishing your buddies in no time.


Putah Creek near Winters, CA


TBA, Call for availability


$125 per angler, class is limited to 10 guests

Required Gear:

  • Valid California Fishing License
  • 9’ - 11’ 4wt or 5wt
  • Reel with floating line
  • Waders and wading boots
  • General Fishing Tackle
  • Note pad and writing utensil

Making Reservations For The Class:

To make a reservation, please stop by the shop or give us a call any day of the week at (916) 722-1055 during regular business hours. We can give you detailed explanations to any questions you might have, check on availability, and confirm your reservation in minutes.

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Putah Creek

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