The Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta contains two types of bass we chase as fly anglers, the striped bass and the largemouth bass. Stripers were actually transplanted from the east coast and introduced into the Delta in the late 1800s. Their abundance increased dramatically and soon reached populations so great that they were once a commercial fishery. Stripers are an aggressive fish that will chase most baitfish patterns if the conditions are right. Striper fishing in the Delta kicks off when the water begins to warm up in March.

Current Tide Conditions

General Information

When you fish big water like the Sacramento Delta, you have to be aware of the elements. The wind is usually your worst enemy, so start out early to beat the wind when the bite is coming off in the morning hours. If you and your boat can push on through the wind and waves, the delta can be fishable all day long. Look for shelter in the many sloughs and coves on days when the wind does come up. Watch for the tide changes too. Predatory fish like the striper will be on the move when the tide shifts and gets the baitfish moving also.

Fishing Regulations

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Important Steelhead Requirements