River Information

Below Truckee, the river winds through open, grassy meadows and is mostly pocket water. Large boulders break the river up by forming perfect holding areas for trout. Short line nymphing is a very effective way to get your fly down in behind these rocks and still maintain a good drift. Glenshire Drive provides several river access points below the town of Truckee. Glenshire crosses the Truckee approximately 4 miles from town and is one of the more popular areas to park and fish also. The San Francisco Flycasters Club claims the water below Glenshire Bridge to the I-80 Bridge. The private property is clearly marked and patrolled so be aware. Further down is the Hirschdale area and below that is the canyon. Fishing in the canyon requires more work to get to (hiking) but as we all know, the fishing is better further from the road. The river in the canyon picks up speed as the grade increases and is used heavily by rafters during the summer months also.

Fishing Regulations

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Nevada Department of Wildlife

Suggested Gear

  • 5 weight rods 9' - 10' in length
  • Matching reel with click pawl or disk drag
  • Rio Grand, weight forward floating line
  • Rio Streamertip, weight forward sinking line - Type 6
  • 9' 4x leader with 4x-5x tippet

Suggested Fly Patterns

  • Gill's G6 Pupa #14-16
  • Anderson's Bird of Prey #14-16
  • Thalken's Double Dutch Bug
  • Yellow Sally
  • Zebra Midge #18-20
  • Haddon's Dead Drift Cray #8
  • Cutter's E/C Caddis #14-18
  • Red Copper John #12-18
  • Hogan's S & M Nymph
  • Gill’s Golden Skipper Stone #8-10
  • Carter's OCD Caddis, Green and Amber